Thursday, November 7, 2013

God blesses me!

After about a year i stopped posting on my blogspot. Today while waiting for somebody, feel like want to continue my blogging! Huhuhu! But what to write and anything to share with you???
Lately quite busy. Never experience this kind of living pressure before. It is all about my research. It has been dragging for more than 6 years. Still struggling...... hopefully can get out from this successfully by end of the year. God blesses me!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cardiff - capital of Wales

From Southampton airport train station, I took the 9.34a.m train to Cardiff, capital of Wales. Unfortunately, the train broke down I have to transit at Bristol. It delayed my arrival at Cardiff. But, still not too late. I still have ample time to visit the Mermaid Quay, city centre, The Tube, The Cathedral, St. Paul Parish Church, Harbour, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans open air museum, National Museum, Milennium Stadium, Milennium Centre, Red Dragon Centre, etc....
Basically, the trip was enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bournemouth Airshow

Bournemouth is the top beach in the UK. The long stretch of sandy beach is really attractive. Due to the Airshows, the beach was full with people. Some of them were doing sun bathing, and most of them were enjoying the show. As for me, I was enjoying my time here by walking along the sandy beach.


Windsor Castle is the famous castle in the UK. The magnificient palace really amazing. The Eton College is another place that been visited. I have spent almost a day here. Walking around, enjoying the greenery in town. The lovely weather has made my trip a pleasant one.

York, Oxford & Sheffield

On the way to York, we dropped by Oxford, where there are 72 universities in the city. Just a city, the number of universities is more than the total number of university in Malaysia. We visited the Harry Potter shooting scene too in Oxford.
York is an old city in the north England. The Clifford tower and the York walls are the main attraction in the city.
Sheffield is a modern and vibrant city. We just dropped by for a few minutes, just to have some coffee in the McD.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ichen Valley Country Park

Yesterday was the 2 months anniversary in Soton. It was a lovely sunny Sunday. Initially planned to pick strawberry in Fairoak, and visit the Ichen Park. But I can't find the Fairoak strawberry farm, so cancelled the strawberry picking. As usual I brought some fruits to picnic in the park. There was so many people picnicing in the park. BBQ, kite flying, football, sun bathing, running, cycling and .... so many activities. I walked in the park, gone through 3 fields. Cool scenery! Next weekend, Yorkshire!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Car boot sales - Bursledon

19/7/2009, morning at 9.15a.m I started my expedition to Bursledon, car boot sales. I need to pay 30 pence as entrance fees. Not expensive. I can buy a lot of things from this market. Even microscope I can get it from here, just cost me 4 pounds. But I didn't buy it coz it is too heavy for me to bring to Malaysia later. In fact I was looking for my bike helmet, because I heard that somebody can get for 1 pound only. But too bad, I can't find it. Never mind, next time hopefully can get it at the Fair Oak car boot sales. Let me cross my fingers.
From Bursledon I cycled to Pickwell Farm Shop. What can I find in this farm? Haha... fresh strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. It was a big farm, planted with many types of fruits. Unluckily, it was almost the end of the strawberry season. But still can find quite many big strawberries there. I was given a small basket to enter the farm. I supposed to pick and pay at the counter. But, what I did was....... picked and ate there. The picking rate was not as fast as my eating rate. So end up, my stomach was full, and just walked out with empty basket. Hahaha..... free fruits lunch.
From Pickwell, I headed to Swanwick Marina, some where around Hamble. Cruises were parked at the marina. Big one small one, boat come boat go, boat boat with rich men.... I was having my lunch here. Not in the restaurant, but just sat on the stone step. Having my 10 pieces of chicken wings which just costed me 1 pound and reduced price egg sandwiches.

An enjoyable trip. From Wessex Lane, going thru Swaything, Bursledon, Hamble, Manor Farm Country Park, Sholing, Bitterne and back to Wessex Lane. A big round which took me 9 hours to complete the journey. An economic journey! Next week, Brokenhurst and Lymington!

Monday, June 29, 2009


The 4th week in the Soton. Yesterday cycled to Winchester and the journey took me 1.45 hours to reach the destination. I had an unexpected surprise in my journey. On the way back, I just dropped by at a beautiful farm as an "invader" to take photos. A lovely farm owned by a nice and friendly couple. They invited me for English tea and their farm. They fed the donkeys, rabbits, dog, cock and fox. Thanks Sheila and her husband for their hospitality shown to me. Thank you very much.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Netley Common

I cycled to Bursledon yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to reach there. The main purpose is to visit the big Tesco there and buy something for children. On the way back, I dropped by the Netley Common. It's a nice and cool place to visit. Lovely!